Gundert Bungalow

The iconic Gundert Bungalow, situated in Kannur on a hillock in the outskirts of Thalassery, is undergoing transformation into a language museum to honor the legacy of Hermann Gundert, the German missionary who lived there. The bungalow, a significant tourism landmark, is part of the ongoing Thalassery Heritage Tourism Project by the Tourism Department. As part of the project, the bungalow is undergoing a ₹2.10-crore renovation in its first phase.

The bungalow, with its verandas and tiled roof, will be refurbished to house a language museum and language study and research center, with a special focus on the German language. The Church of South India (CSI), which owns the bungalow, has handed it over to the Tourism Department for the renovation works.

According to P. Muraleedharan, Deputy Director of Tourism, an expert committee has been formed to select the artifacts to be displayed at the museum. The ownership of the building will remain with the CSI.

Dr. Gundert made significant contributions to the Malayalam language during his stay at the bungalow. He authored an English-Malayalam dictionary and published two Malayalam journals, including Rajya Samacharam, which is considered one of the first contemporary Malayalam newspapers.

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