Alakapuri Waterfalls

In the village of Kanjirakolly near the Kerala-Karnataka border lies the breathtaking Alakapuri Waterfalls, a sight to behold for visitors. The falls draw many people, especially during the monsoon season, thanks to its magnificent view. Additionally, it’s gaining popularity as an alternative destination to Munnar and Iravikulam for witnessing the blooming of the ‘Neelakkurinji’ flowers.

Located about 60 kilometers away from Kannur town, the nearest towns to Alakapuri Waterfalls are Kudiyanmala and Chandanakkampara. If you’re driving from Thaliparamba, you can take the NH 66 to cover the 45 km distance. The shortest route from Kannur is through Chirakkal, Mayyil, Sreekandapuram, Payyavoor, and Kanjirakolly. From Taliparamba, you can go through Valakkai, Sreekandapuram, Payyavoor, Chandanakkampara, and Kanjirakolly. If you prefer public transport, KSRTC operates buses from Kannur and Thaliparamba to Sreekandapuram, from where you can catch a private bus to your destination.

Just 4 kilometers away from Alakapuri is another waterfall called Sasippara, making both sites perfect for a day trip in Kannur.

Kanjirakolly, being in the Western Ghats, experiences a tropical climate. Summers can get hot, with temperatures reaching 35-40 degrees Celsius, while winters are cooler, ranging from 15-19 degrees Celsius. April is the hottest month, and December and January are the coldest. The best time to visit the waterfalls is during the monsoon season or the months immediately following it. Summers may lack the misty view of Kanjirakolly valley from Sasippara and can be uncomfortably hot, so it’s best to avoid visiting during this time.

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