Alakapuri Waterfalls

Near the Kerala-Karnataka border at Kanjirakolly village in Kannur there flows the Alakapuri Waterfalls that enthrals the visitors with its magnificent view. There is a good influx of people visiting the waterfalls especially during monsoon. The place is also becoming an alternate destination to Munnar and Iravikulam for the bloom of ‘Neelakkurinji’ (Strobilantheskunthiana).

Almost 60 kilometers away from Kannur town Alakapuri Waterfalls has Kudiyanmala and Chandanakkampara as its nearest towns. From the Thaliparamba the distance to Alakapuri is 45 km by taking the nearest National Highway NH 66. While driving from Kannur, the shortest route (55.8 km) is Kannur- Chirakkal – Mayyil – Sreekandapuram – Payyavoor – Kanjirakolly – Alakapuri waterfalls. When Driving FromTaliparamba, the route is Taliparamba – Valakkai – Sreekandapuram – Payyavoor– Chandanakkam para –Kanjirakolly – Alakapuri waterfalls. If you prefer public transport system, you can make use of KSRTC which is operating several buses from Kannur and Thaliparamba to Sreekandapuram and once you reach Sreekandapuram you can board a private bus to the destination.

Sasippara another waterfall in Kannur is just 4km away from Alakapuri. Both makes best suited for a single day trip in Kannur.

Being situated in Western Ghats Kanjirakolly experiences a tropical climate. In summer, the temperature may rise up to 35-40 degrees and in the winter it falls to 15-19 degrees. April is the hottest and December and January are the coldest months of the region. It is ideal to visit the waterfalls in monsoon or the months just after monsoon. Summer may make you miss the misty view of Kanjirakolly valley from Sasippara. And there are chances for the scorching heat to spoil your trip.

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