Indian Naval Academy

At the heart of Ezhimala lies the Indian Naval Academy, Asia’s largest naval training facility. Nestled in the picturesque state of Kerala, the academy is located 35 km from the historic city of Kannur and 135 km from Mangalore. Surrounded by Mount Dilli, the tranquil Kavvayi backwaters, and the majestic Arabian Sea, the campus covers an expansive area of 2452 acres with a perimeter of 22 km and a 7 km long beach stretch. The academy boasts a diverse range of flora and fauna, creating a serene environment conducive to training.

Key landmarks within the INA campus include the Headquarters, Parade Ground, Chola Stadium, cadet squadrons, Katari Cadets’ Mess, aquatic complex, sports fields, officer residential area, naval sailors accommodation, and civilian employees residential area. The facilities are designed to train cadets comprehensively in various aspects. The Mulla Aquatic Complex provides training in swimming and diving, while the Pereira Drill and Discipline Complex instills discipline. The Angre Physical Training and Sports Complex focuses on teamwork and physical fitness, and the Marakkar Watermanship Training Centre hones yachting and rowing skills.

The ‘Panini’ library, a five-storied building equipped with internet and digital resources, caters to the academic needs of cadets. It houses a vast collection of books covering different branches and subjects, including fiction, general awareness, and naval-related topics. The academy also features auditoriums like Ramanujan and Orion for movie screenings and seminars.

Basic amenities for cadets include ATMs, stationery shops, tailors, cafeterias, and canteens. The academy can accommodate up to 1500 cadets at a time, with plans to introduce the ‘Kautilya’ auditorium with a capacity of 1800 cadets. This upcoming facility will enhance the academy’s infrastructure and provide additional recreational and educational opportunities for cadets.

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