Palchuram Waterfalls

24 km from Iritty in Kannur District in the state of Kerala, India Palchuram Falls is found. With a stature of 300 meters, it is a four-phase waterfall. It is a 2 km from Kottiyoor to Boystown road, Palchuram Falls, the greatest and most colossal waterfall in the Wayanad District. One of good explorer point in Kerala is this. Quiet risky and dull way is something else, however, the waterfalls are legitimized, notwithstanding all the inconvenience. It is arranged inside the timberland. These things make it as a not too bad trekking point. It is a 2 km walking partition and besides you can reach here by transport. Startling and spellbinding mountain route in Palchuram will pull in encounter searchers as well. Also, besides around the incline contract road with douse rises and falls winds. One side is really startling an immediate aftereffect of the significance in there. There is thick fog that genuinely obliges the view will bother the issues. Nevertheless, difficult to miss is the huge perfection of the scene around meanwhile. One of the best forest scenes you will find in Kerala will be this.

To spots, for instance, Kottiyoor and Iritty Palchuram ghat road leads. Around 6 kms from Kottiyoor Palchuram waterfall is organized. One of the old havens in Kerala is another interest in here. Through an astoundingly confine road took after by relentless trek of about an extensive segment of a km is the last leg of the enterprise. So one of the best waterfalls in Kannur is Palchuram, a multilevel course of around 300ft.

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