Ezhimala Beach

Nature herself stood as a perfect architect in placing a beach at the footsteps of Ezhimala hills. The beach borders the hills from three ends. The blue sea and sand of a varied texture looks as if in a picture with greenish hills as combo. The hills house several medicinal herbs and its slopes have stone pillars. Ramayana shows references of the medicinal herbs of Ezhimala. As per Indian mythology, Hanuman ventured to this place for those plants. Ezhimala is rich in its historic significance too. It was the capital of ancient kingdom Mushika Dynasty. Even there are refernces for the visit of Sree Budha to the place.

An old mosque at the hill top also stands as an attraction. Apart from the abundance of scenic beauty, Dolphins spotted nearby Ettikulam Bay may take you to the peak of surprise.

Indian Naval Academy

Nearly 55 kilometres north of Kannur, Ezhimala is the seat of Indian Naval Academy, one the largest of its kind in the country. Navy maintains the light house, Mount Deli near the beach.

The establishment of Naval Akademi renders a strategic significance to the place which was otherwise not that much noted. For this reason one should get prior permission to enter the beach. Although Ezhimala can be visited throughout the year, except in peak monsoon.

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